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Empowering people to build and monetize networks for next generation data, products and services

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Decentralized Private Communication Network (PCN)

Nitro’s Private Communication Network opens up opportunities for all participants. All assets are financed by micro-lending, Miners earn rewards by joining, participating & expanding PCN at any location of their choice. Brands, consumers and telecoms, as other participants, engage with the network via a UI driving utility through a wide range of use cases.

Nitro Network Sensor


Revolutionizing IoT private networks with long range, low powered LoRaWAN for a wide range of smart applications.

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WiFi Network

Seamless data transmission with WiFi powered private networks.

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Multicoin Mining

Multicoin Mining

Mining is never an easy task. With our decentralised cloud-based platform you can earn cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others. The platform offers exceptional functionality opening up transfer of protocol tokens from addresses. The first-of-its-kind private data network, all transactions occur on-chain - with every network transaction being secured and protected by blockchain.

More opportunities to enhance your mining profitability by participating in multiple pools. Earn rewards for your effort too!

Multicoin Mining


Nitro’s Private Communication Network is flexible and incentivised to enable miners to gain from the network.

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Multicoin Network Infrastructure

Make the most of multi-coin mining powered by Nitro’s first-of-a-kind private data network.

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NCash is at the core of Nitro’s ecosystem which is powered by supporting technologies that are easily deployable across limitless use cases in the real world.

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Micro Finance

Nitro PCN is a community-powered network that enables participation in micro-financing by creating liquidity pools for financing assets in the network through the Decentralised Finance lending platform.

Participants earn rewards in NCash and are also entitled to multi-coin mining, driving both utility and demand. Participants can also build and earn through their own pools by creating a pool manager for multiple asset categories without boundaries.

Micro Finance

De-Fi Platform

The Nitro De-Fi platform is built on the concept of real wealth creation. Community-centered in conception and design, the platform enables participants to own the networks of the future in many innovative ways.

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Micro Real Estate Assets

Welcome the "Airbnb" of the micro real estate marketplace. A multi-sided platform tailor-made for real estate owners, brands and consumers, Nitro’s solution creates millions of use cases and opportunities through a happy convergence of supporting technologies that can be applied in the real world.

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IoT Assets Layer

Billions of connected devices will drive value for NCash. Our partnerships with top line service providers will further drive market traction and create NCash as a much sought-after utility token.

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Nitro Product Stack

Nitro Product Stack

Combining the capabilities of a telecom-grade radio network, creating opportunities in the micro real estate marketplace and simultaneously providing differential customer insights, Nitro product stack has NCash as its transaction token at the core driving utility and value.

Nitro Product Stack

Create value propositions for consumers

Almost limitless applications unlock exciting and numerous use cases in the real world for N V 2.0’s private communication network.

Value Proposition for Consumer

Team and Advisors

Meet the Nitro Network team with a mission to build the
world’s largest private communications network.

Core Team

Anoop Vootkuri

Anoop Vootkuri

Chief Executive Officer
Avinash Pitti

Avinash Pitti

Chief Technology Officer
Karthik Kalluri

Karthik Kalluri

Chief Operating Officer
Praveen Thakur

Praveen Thakur

Chief Product Officer

Advisory Board

Abhishek Pitti

Abhishek Pitti

Founder and Chairman
Nitro Network
Arun Seth

Arun Seth

Chairman, Alcatel Lucent

Media Mentions

  • Bloomberg
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Business Insider
  • CBS News
  • The Street
  • The Block
  • Techwire
  • Nasdaq
  • Finance Magnates
  • BanklessTimes
  • Value Walk
  • BBC World News
  • Forbes
  • CNBC

& Many More+

Token Backers

  • FBG Capital
  • Alphabit
  • Fenbushi Capital
  • Team In Residence
  • Asia Block
  • Huobi
  • Kenetic Capital
  • Wachsman

Contact Us

reach out to us at

[email protected]